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Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Patchouli


After using Dr Bronners for over 5 years, I recently tried this soap after being introduced to this company by soaring eagle on dreadlockssite. For my baby natural dreads, Bronners was not cutting it (residue etc). I tried the baking soda/apple cider vinegar wash for over a week...and my scalp was FREAKING OUT! Yeah, that wasn't for me either.
I tried this soap once, and my scalp breathed a big sigh of relief...ahhhhhhh! All of the crusty, bumpy madness that had been going on after the baking soda/acv finally felt relieved. Also, my hair feels softer and healthier than ever before.
What's funny, is that I received this as a sample with some other soaps I ordered from here, but put off trying them for fear of loving them too much...and now I know why! I will not be going back to other methods as long as this soap is available (please don't stop making it).
The patchouli scent is nice but not overpowering. It does not seem to linger very long, only a mild scent is noticeable for the day after washing.

Thank you Vicki!
Date Added: 06/30/2014 by Cody Harder