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Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Patchouli


First time using this shampoo and I must say I absolutely feel in love. My dreads, granted are almost 2 weeks old at this point, feel amazing. I was using Knottyboy shampoo, which I had for years, before I found this wonderful site via Dreadlockssite.com; and they just didn't feel clean enough. My head felt heavy and had a weird feel to it. Just can't explain it. Once I got my product I knew I was going to be in heaven once I smelled the wonderful patchouli. After washing I sprayed the sea salt spray, and I was at amazement to how light and airy my dreads felt. I can't tell you how they're locking up at the moment , but I used the twist and rip method and for two weeks they felt okay. Today they feel really frizzy yet very soft. They're probably locking up better at the mormnt, and I will come back and do an update on my review. I just am in heaven with how I smell patchouli every movement my hair makes :) Awesome customer service, and so far an awesome product. Being my fourth set of dreads, I'm definitely looking forward to having these for the years to come, all thanks to this site!!
Date Added: 11/10/2013 by Caroline Stevens