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Rot Knot Mold Eliminator


I love this stuff! I first bought it because I was concerned about what I assumed was blue lint but I couldn't rule out the possibility that it was mold. I wish I could say I can confirm that what I had was mold and that this shampoo killed it. But I just can't be sure. I have had my dreads professionally maintained a few times this year and my stylist insists my hair is very clean and certainly mold free. So if it was mold, it's dead now. I've been using Rot Knot every month or so for the last year just for maintenance/prevention and I definitely credit it (in part) for the cleanliness of my hair (also crediting the Nag Champa shampoo bars. Divine). It smells great. It cleans well. It's concentrated - so a little goes a long way. My bottle is still half full, so the price is fantastic. I think every dread-head should have a bottle on hand.
Date Added: 01/19/2015 by Laura Madigan