dreadlocks shampoo



First let me say that I adore a home made product. It arrived with a sample shampoo soap bar and a little hand writen thank you. You gotta love that. The fragrence is amazing. It was easy to apply and lathered up quicker than any shampoo I've ever used. The relief to my scalp was immeadiate. This is a very soothing product. I was affraid that it would be hard to apply, but it is a honey like consistancy, so you dip two fingers in and then twirl a dread around those fingers, then masage it into the dread. You dont have to be rough because it lathers so well and just gets right in there. I did gently part the tighter areas of my dreads to work it in farther. I wasnt conserned about loosening them because I know that they were tight from wax, not from nice clean knots. I gave each dread its own little masage and made sure to get the roots and my scalp. It took time, but I got all seventy something dreads done and then rinsed rinsed rinsed with hot water. My dreads were so much lighter and less stiff as I stepped out of the shower, and they feel soft and conditioned. Although I will have to repeat the process due to the amount of wax in my dreads, I am confident that this product will get it all out. I totally approve of this product and highly recomend it to anyone in need of wax removal.
Date Added: 07/17/2012 by Andrea Rosario