dreadlocks shampoo



I don’t normally take the time to do reviews but this product is truly amazing. I’ve had dreads for 5 years now and spent so much time in finding a product that works and is residue free. I also made the mistake of using bees wax when starting my dreads. They were sticky and collected a lot of lint. The wax be gone works wonders. When using it the bath, water was grey and so gross but you can see the wax oozing out of the dreads. It left my dreads feeling so light and so soft. This is my second go at it. I live in Canada so the shipping was expensive but worth every penny. It gets pretty dry during the winter months here and using his products made my dreads stay clean and soft during the hole winter season. Just wow. Try this out guys. Jacked about my dreads now.
Date Added: 12/19/2018 by Melanie Francoeur