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Lock Magic Locking Gel Karma


**Exceptional customer service: 5 Stars**
**Product Quality: 5 Stars**
**Delivery timeliness: 5 Stars**
**Ease of doing business: 5 Stars**
**Ease of Transaction 4 Stars** (slightly confusing the first time when ordering by paypal).

I have had two separate orders with this product and I am thoroughly impressed. Let me qualify, I am a new dready (i am still frustratingly attempting dreads) and the products out there are scary. Not being familiar with dreading, it was nice to have this site linked on the www.dreadlockssite.com website. It was easy to determine what I needed, biggest decision to make was fragrance I wanted.

The product: while I have nothing to compare it to, I really like this product. There are two ways to use it: wet and/or dry. After I shampoo (using dreadlockshampoo.com product) I want to protect my new knots and keep them from unknotting, so I use the gel on the separations. Yes, it does dry stiff, but it quicklly softens as you maneuver the hair. I believe the stiffness is simply BECAUSE i have no "knots" and I am applying wet. That being said, I like the stiffness, because then when I go to put my hair up in a wrap, or back in a band, it gives me a feeling of having mature dreads.

Using Dry: it does not leave a residue, as a matter of fact, it dries so natural that it is easy to forget what dread you applied it to because it dries so fast. I will say, that it seems to be best applied to freshly cleaned hair (for new dreadies anyway) or day old. I try to go three days between washes, and by the 3rd day, using the gel gives me the feeling that my dreads have flattened out and disappeared....then I quick go and wash with the dreadlock (liquid)shampoo product and they QUICKLY reappear. I would not use this product without also using the shampoos because they are such a great combination.

I used this product on a daily basis and apply it a couple times a day (trying to keep my dreads together) and the canister lasted me about 30 days. As the dreads mature, I expect I will need far less.

Let me just say i LOVE the product. new dreadies: feel free to message me at www.dreadlockssite.com my user name is peacewithdreads. Thanks dreadlockshampoo for the great product....can you put a LINK to the regular soaps and body washes on this site? I would like to experience all you have to offer.
Date Added: 03/11/2012 by Wendy Giere-Frye