dreadlocks shampoo

Lock Magic Locking Gel Karma


Hands down. You need this product if you have fine, soft, silky hair.
_ Period. Don't debate, don't wait, if your doing dreads with this kind of
_ resistant hair YOU NEED THIS!
_ I've been trying to dread my hair for well over a month. Tried wax first
_ ...just gross! Had to wash it out. It took, literally, 4-5 washes to get
_ it out. Ugh.
_ Problem being that even with backcombing, my hair slips and slides and
_ won't lock. Tried over the counter locking gel. Better, but made my hair
_ brittle. Washed out again.
_ Finally found this site through dreadlocksite.com and discovered this gel
_ one day before it was actually added to inventory. Figured it was karma so
_ got some.
_ The difference is amazing. No brittle hair, no greasy, waxy hair, but it
_ holds even my hair and allowed me to go from dread to dread (yes, did mine
_ alone) without a problem.
_ Don't bother with that other stuff, it's not going to work. Buy this right
_ now! Shipping is super fast so you won't wait long.
_ Now I have happy, healthy baby dreads and I could not have done it without
_ this product. Really.
_ I will never buy anything else.
_ Thanks so much!!!
_ Julie Randolph
_ Huntsville, TX
Date Added: 02/17/2012 by Julie Randolph