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Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Nag Champa


If you are thinking of purchasing this particular "Nag Champa" shampoo, be warned.. It is VERY strong. At least, it was for me, and I've been a nag champa fan for many years. The first time I washed with it (mind you, I never use a generous amount of shampoo when showering) I was overwhelmed with the champa scent. It was strong enough to make me feel nauseous after showering and the scent was present in my hair for many days. Despite being too strong for me to handle, the shampoo had a great affect on my dreads-in-progress; my hair felt great after using this shampoo. The other reason for me leaving a 5-star review is that included with my order was a sample of the tea tree shampoo, which both smelled awesome and also worked wonders on my hair. I highly recommend this shampoo, but especially the tea tree one.
Date Added: 10/14/2013 by JD Smith