dreadlocks shampoo

Dragons Blood Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar


Five out of Five stars and here's why. First of all, the products were here within days. Two days I believe. I couldn't believe it when I opened my mailbox and they were already here. In the package not only did I have my orders but they were also kind enough to provide samples of other products at no expense to me. And if that wasn't courteous enough, the hand written thank you sold me on these products for the rest of my dreads life ( Which I expect will be the rest of my life as well. ;] ).

Secondly, the products themselves are so wonderful. I ordered the Dragons Blood Liquid Shampoo and the Dragons Blood Shampoo Bar. I always use the liquid shampoo first. It is so useful for just focusing in on the sections while the bar afterwards helps to clean the bodies of my dreads. It lathers easy, it absorbs and cleanses and on top of all that IT SMELLS FANTASTIC! And the scent lingers in the bathroom for days! I love walking in there and having that aroma available to me all the time. No exaggerations. I love these products. I feel like i'm not only doing my hair and scalp a favor, but I feel i'm helping the environment along as well. There are no unnatural additives/chemicals in these products and so using them does no harm to the environment. Healthy head of dread and a clean, happy environment? Sounds like a win-win to me. I am thankful that these products are available and I plan on using them for years to come.

Thanks Again! And blessings to you all!

Thane Fox
Date Added: 11/16/2012 by Thane Fox