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Lock Magic Locking Gel Unscented



Handmade Organic Lock Magic Locking Gel Lock Magic Locking Gel Helps Dreadlocks Lock Fast Our Lock Magic Locking Gel is specially formulated to help dreads lock up fast. It's designed to take the place of that nasty destructive wax that hurts not helps your dreads. Our Lock Magic locking gel is a pure plant organic based alternative to accelerate the locking process and promote strong healthy dreadlocks. Our ingredients won't coat your scalp or dreads with petrochemicals, silicones or waxes. Our exclusive active botanical, pro-vitamin B5, and nutrient rich protein formula strengthens and protects your dreads keeping them happy and healthy. Lock Magic can be reapplied without causing flakes or build-up. Use Lock Magic on mature dreads to bring in loose hair, calm frizzies and hair food to feed your dreads. Unscented for the purest at heart with the same great performance. Locks up dreads Flake Free formula No build-up Not stiff and crunchy Safe for color treated hair Non-sticky, stringy or slimy Washes out easily No residue Strengthening vitamin formula Vegan No PVP/VA copolymer No propylene glycol No alcohol No silicone, petrochemicals or parabens EVER

Ingredients: distilled water, organic flax seed, 95% organic xanthan gum, organic licorice root, organic calendula, pro-vitamin B5, organic soy & wheat protein, grapefruit seed extract

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Lauren Vangelder
4 of 5 Stars
Works amazing the only thing I wish is that it would come in the goddess scent!
Trey Faris
5 of 5 Stars
I've been using this gel on and off, as needed, for the entire four years I've been growing my dreads. I highly recommend this gel, it does what you need it to without causing flakey or crunchy dreads, plus it's basically FOOD for your hair...WHAT? Love it. Get you some!
David DaSilva
5 of 5 Stars
A really great product, while I don't have any dreads to hold, I like it because it's natural and doesn't contain all that residue stuff that other gels have. I currently have an afro and it is crazy and all over the place this stuff did the trick, even shrunk it a bit. I even asked for a sample of the Karma, it smells good, but I like the unscented better. Thanks for the samples!
5 of 5 Stars
Another great product!! Also purchased this with the wax-b-gone it holds the dreads really good! I have used other products and they were nothing like this one! I wanted to try this one over the scented one, I will be trying the scented version next. Thanks for the shampoo sample and fast shipping!!
Leonard Bartholomew
5 of 5 Stars
I've searched youtube watching countless videos on what everyone else uses to keep their dreads manageable. Especially because at the time, my dreads were only 2 months old. The top of my hair looked bushy and hair was always everywhere a few days after washing. After trying so many things, I read about the Lock Magic Locking Gel. I was very skeptical but bought it anyways. This and the Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo are the best products I've ever used in my dreads. They went from being bushy and all over the place to being neat, manageable, and above else, the hair is actually locking up. My hair looks and feels fantastic. I will definitely be ordering again.


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